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In order to respond to most client demand based on the size of their organisation, the scope, the requirement to automate and accelerate invoice validation processes, Corporate LinX is proposing several technical solutions.

1- Corporate LinX eXchange (CLeX) : >>>
A Portal solution designed for the dematerialisation of all Purchase to Pay (P2P) transactions in a collaborative mode between the Buyer organisation and its suppliers thus enabling the participation of financial organisations.

The Portal acts as a Hub for all transactions and is designed to communicate with existing solutions such as; EDI, e-procurement, e-invoicing or ERP in order to centralise access and visibility/audit over the transactions.

To suit varied client’s constraints, the CLeX Portal is commercialised in 2 distinct modes :

License mode; the client acquires a license of the Portal and have the software implemented within its own technical infracture. In addition to the license cost, support and maintenance are also provided.
SaaS mode (Software as a Service), hosted on a third party technical infrastructure (IBM France), allowing to minimise costs on mutualised environments. Support and maintenance are included in the subscription costs.

2- FormScape : >>>
Une solution technique permettant la gestion des documents fournisseurs et/ou clients. FormScape de l’éditeur Bottomlime Technologies bénéficie d’un historique important et de milliers de clients dans le monde.

Tous les modules de la solution FormScape sont commercialisés en mode licence avec une prestation de support et de maintenance selon un pourcentage de la valeur du prix de licence.

> Proposed Technical Solutions

> Corporate LinX eXchange (CLeX)